Retired former business owner…

When I first received a letter from Pereira Law Firm,  I was very skeptical.  Who would owe me or my company money after 28 years?  Could this law office be trusted?

After talking on the front porch with Pereira’s  investigator, I decided to call.  The next morning, Mr. Pereira and his investigator came out to our home.  After 20 minutes, my wife and I felt completely at ease.  Mr. Pereira knew everything about my Detroit business that was closed in 1988.

Four months later, we received $116,947.77 of insurance benefits.  Best call we made was to The Pereira Law Firm.

– John, Owner  Fenton, MI

Financial advisor…

I received a letter from The Pereira Law Firm telling me that my financial consulting firm was owed money for unpaid commissions dating back 15 years.  I called my attorney and asked him if he knew Pereira Law Firm.  He said he knew of Pereira and that he handled collection cases.  I called Pereira Law Firm the next day.  About four months later, I met with Pereira at his office to pick up a check for $2,683.00 for commissions that were never paid to my company.

– Paul, Financial Consultant  Birmingham, MI

Owner of a large direct mail advertising/marketing company…

My company has been a client of The Pereira Law Firm for too many years to count.  We trust them to successfully handle some of our toughest collection cases.  The difference The Pereira Law Firm provides from other firms is the ability to save business relationships.  We are able to continue a business relationship that might otherwise have been lost if The Pereira Law Firm had not become involved.  Anyone who is successful in business knows that good relationships drive your business and your reputation.  You cannot put a cost on that.  I highly recommend The Pereira Law Firm.

– Chuck, Controller  Troy, MI

Owner of a successful lawn irrigation system design, installation and service company…

The Pereira Law Firm has been our collection attorney for many years.  We have sent over large cases and small cases.   It doesn’t matter.  The commitment to each case is the same.  From the largest companies to individual homeowners, The Pereira Law Firm has resolved some very difficult issues and we are grateful they are on our side!

– Marc, President  Waterford, MI